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Getting red carpet ready

Oscars are here. The movies, the gowns, the stars, are ingredients for a perfect festival of glitter and glam. Celebs sure do know a thing or two about getting red carpet ready, and while probably none of us will be promoting a big blockbuster anytime soon, we still want to look our best for any big events. Part of my job is to test and review beauty products before they hit the shelves. But when the camera’s off and no…

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Here I am, 40.

Holy shit. I’m turning 40 in 4 days. I’m now middleaged. Wait! No. I’m 18 with 22 years experience. Do you remember the scene from When Harry Met Sally? “I’m gonna be 40.” “In eight years.” “But it’s there!…

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Self-tanners: sunshine in a bottle

Although paler skin is edging back into fashion, being tanned is often linked to self-esteem, with many women saying they feel more confident, slimmer and healthier when they’ve ‘had a tan’. Up until the 1920s, tan skin was a sign…

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Oscars 2021: All the Standout Beauty Looks

Tohtoročné Oscary sa síce skončili, fashion a beauty trendy hollywoodskych hviezd však stále doznievajú. Tomu, čo mali hviezdy na sebe som venovala som pár riadkov tu. Moju obľúbenú Smartbeauty Martinku Rolnú Homolovú som zase poprosila, aby pre vás zhrnula…

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Hotel Apollo

Prednedávnom som mala príležitosť stráviť dve noci v bratislavskom hoteli Apollo. Bol to babský víkend – ja, moja mama a moja malá Stella. Tri gerenerácie, tri malé veľké ženy s túžbou po oddychu. Vzťah medzi matkou a dcérou je…