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Here I am, 40.

Holy shit. I’m turning 40 in 4 days. I’m now middleaged. Wait! No. I’m 18 with 22 years experience. Do you remember the scene from When Harry Met Sally? “I’m gonna be 40.” “In eight years.” “But it’s there!…

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It’s that time again; to kiss away the old year and embrace a new one. I can’t believe this year is over already, it seems it has flown by! And as a New Year approaches, I want to give a…

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Real Talk: First Wrinkles

Things just got real. It’s happening. No matter what I do, they are not going away. I can close my eyes as many times as I want, they are here to stay. They’ve taken up permanent residency on my…

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New Year, New You

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reinvent your look. It’s time to shake things up, and give yourself a new vibe. It might just give you an extra burst of confidence to take on…

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Dressing Like A Leader

Hillary Clinton may not have won the U.S. presidency, but her career in politics is etched in history. Her years of public service includes positions as First Lady, New York senator, Democratic presidential candidate, Secretary of State and the…

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Happy Relaunch!

Welcome to my BRAND NEW WEBSITE! It’s been long time coming. This year marks eight years of blogging for me, and I felt that now was the time to switch things up a bit. The biggest change is a…