Mediterranean Inspired Interiors: Bringing Summer vibes to your home all year round

We’re always inspired by spaces that promote a simple and relaxed way of living. These are interiors that encourage us to slow down in our fast-paced world. There’s one interior style that offers this slow living, timeless, & effortless beauty and that is to us a Mediterranean -inspired interior design. Sleek sunny interiors with sweeping white-washed walls, plenty of natural earthy elements, and bright flooring gives any space a sense a comfort that always pleases after a busy day of work.

Here are some tips that we think are essential for pulling off this ‘slow living’ Mediterranean aesthetic:

White Interior

A dominant white palette is most common for this dreamy aesthetic. The key is to keep the interior as simple as possible in white/neutral shades and to inject character & personality by using natural, textural & eclectic accessories and decors.

Predominantly all-white spaces paired with white, natural wood, or microcement floors create a simple, clean & airy backdrop that allows you to create a visually striking space by giving much needed attention to the architecture and furnishing.

Our new obsession, plastered walls, are also another way of introducing character and texture to your home. Made from natural binders like clay and lime, natural plasters are less processed and less synthetic than conventional wall coverings and are simply beautiful.

The other striking element in Mediterranean architecture is to introduce curve corners as oppose to traditionally straight wall lines. Archways are becoming a huge interior trend and one that is simple & effective at bringing a touch of uniqueness into your home, something to consider during home renovations. Arched shower doors, arched entry ways, and arched built-in-shelves are all striking focal points in any space.

Add Texture

It is essential to add depth and texture into a predominately all-white colour scheme, soft furnishings and accessories are the perfect way to do this! From ocean blue glass vases, handwoven palm baskets, to earthy terracotta urns and planters…use accessories that reflect your favourite Mediterranean hues. Earthy palettes create a sense of warmth and tranquillity, exactly what we need most in places with cold winters.
Always remember the mantra “keep it simple, keep it organic” …avoid cluttering your space with décor items. An artwork, statement mirror, or plant would do enough in bringing the room together.

Bringing Nature Indoor

The key to the Mediterranean design is blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. The way to achieve this is to emulate or replicate outdoor materials indoors. Think a statement indoor plant in a clay pot or in a huge woven straw basket styled against white walls, textural linen lounge piled with soft accessories, reclaimed wood coffee table, stools, side tables, natural fibre jute rugs, and you got yourself a serene Mediterranean style interior.

There’s a direct connection between our home environment and our emotional wellbeing and introducing natural materials instead of fake, artificial elements would help reduce stress and improve mood!

Eclectic Bohemian Touches

Mediterranean interiors and their home decor are often characterised by incorporating ethnic furniture to create a well-traveled home.
Old or new handmade pieces that bring a piece of culture to your space. Treasured pieces with a history and story to tell. Be it hand carved Indian pieces, handmade baskets, or dreamy home decors such as bowls, vessels, ottomans, stools or side tables from different parts of the worlds. The key is to choose pieces that are in white or neutral shades so they can add the final touch of uniqueness to your easy breezy Mediterranean vibe.


Written and curated by Nasim F., the founder and director of THE GERDÜ, a Toronto-based online boutique aiming to create an eclectic fusion of raw and bohemian-inspired collections of home goods and textiles, sourced from artisans around the globe.

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By Barbora

Slovakia-born, Toronto-dwelling fashion lover. A fashion consultant, freelance writer, red carpet reporter and the creator behind ChiChi.