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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

There’s a lot of pressure on Valentine’s Day gifts to be thoughtful, sweet, romantic and Instagrammable all at the same time. So how do you pick the right gift for the one in your life? Though it may be hard…


6 Ideas for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Love makes the world turn and it takes our breath away. It is nothing without passion, little surprises or things we wouldn’t necessarily do unless we were IN LOVE. If you usually don’t explore the unknown and rather follow…


Jana Mutňanská: Umenie lásky

Život bol, je a bude umením a to isté platí aj o láske. Láske sa musí venovať čas, snaha a energia, pokiaľ od nej chceme dostávať to, po čom túžime. Láska nie je žiaden extrém, je rovnováhou dvoch duší dvoch ľudí, ich…