6 Ideas for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

Love makes the world turn and it takes our breath away. It is nothing without passion, little surprises or things we wouldn’t necessarily do unless we were IN LOVE.

If you usually don’t explore the unknown and rather follow the rules, maybe this Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to let go a little and try something new. Take your loved one and show them your secret fantasies. February 14th is not just about hideous stuffed toys and “I love you” candy after all. It should be an ode to all of us who love and let ourselves be loved in turn.

I picked some easy and simple things that will make your soulmate love you even more after this Valentine’s Day.

Breakfast in bed – a luxury that never goes out of fashion. Nobody has ever needed a chef to serve some lovely eggs, bread rolls or fresh coffee. And when you see the surprise on your partner’s face, getting up 10 minutes earlier is definitely worth it. Moreover, if you buy a happy teapot of a lovely serving tray like this, you’re destined to fall in love with the ritual and make it your favourite tradition, not just on Valentine’s Day.

Photo: Vemzu.sk, Intimmissimi, Deichmann

Women prefer black, men love red. A lot of women tend to buy clothes in neutral shades of white, black and grey most of the time, including lingerie. We like to see lingerie as a practical base for our outfits. To men, however, these pieces mean a world. So if you want to spice things up, opt for something sexy and red. Not too dark, not too extravagant, just simply, sensually, red.

High heels will make them sway. Let’s be honest, we quite literally do stand out in heels. Our silhouette seems more feminine, our legs are long as hell. You probably won’t find a man in the world who wouldn’t like women in high heels. So if you normally prefer flat and comfy shoes, try a different “welcome home” outfit with sexy high heels. We guarantee that with a sight like this your partner might even want to skip the dinner altogether.

Take him out for an adventure. Kelts used to keep long relationships because men often sailed out to the sea and while discovering the world, only a thought of their loved ones waiting at home kept them alive. Women, on the other hand, didn’t mind their journeys, welcomed them home with a smile and knew that their men just needed to feel close to nature from time to time. If you are the type, pack a backpack and create some romantic memories in the mountains. After long walks in the snow and chopping wood for the fireplace let the love speak for you. Enjoy a cozy sofa covered in woollen blankets and a smell of hot tea and just… be together.

Foto: HENRY LLOYD NC Central, Vemzu.sk, Potten&Pannen Staněk NC Central

Great food and a quiet movie night. Who cares that you’re not the best chef in the world! A nice warm home-cooked dinner will count even more so. Add an original programme that is extremely exclusive (only for the two of you) and goes for the win on Valentine’s Day. Chocolate, chilli, avocado, raspberries and strawberries, coriander or garlic are all delicious, as well as aphrodisiacs. The only risk is burning your dinner in the end, but even that can be avoided with the right pan that does all the hard work for you.

A touch that frees the mind and body. If you’re really not in the mood for gift shopping and you enjoyed a great dinner out, give each other the comfiest gift – a nice hot bath and a message. Since Valentines comes on Wednesday this year, we can’t imagine a better end to a long day at work, can you?

By Mirka Germanová

Hi, my name is Mirka Germanova and I'm a freelance journalist and a blogger. When I'm not writing about fashion, I'm looking for great stories everywhere I go. I share some of them on my blog TheBlondZebras.com.