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Happy Relaunch!

Welcome to my BRAND NEW WEBSITE! It’s been long time coming. This year marks eight years of blogging for me, and I felt that now was the time to switch things up a bit. The biggest change is a shift in content. I’ve always dreamed of having a fashion and lifestyle website with different topics. So I’ve been slowly layering on more beauty and DIY posts and interviews in addition to the fashion trends and how to, that I already create. That being said, I’m also looking for new contributors. There are so many talented people out there and I would love to feature some of their great ideas. I’m looking for fashion, travel, street style, food, home decor, beauty bloggers that would each contribute once a month. Slovak, Czech or English language. Originality and great pictures are an asset.

Anyways, I hope you love the result as much as I do. I’m so happy with how it’s all came together and I want to personally thank Jackie Shiu for all her help (she is also ChiChi’s new food contributor) and my sweet friend Tami Šimončíková Heribanová for her words of encouragement and the beautiful featured image (I figured you didn’t need to see another photo of me). More importantly, I’d love to know your thoughts! The most important thing to me is the site experience for you, the reader of this site. I wanted to create a place that I would personally want to visit and to come back for more.  So here is to that fresh start again, a bit more polished, a bit more streamlined and a bit more fashionably tasteful!

x, BS

“Od 1.11. ChiChi v novom šate? Dátum par excellence, veď práve tu sú mnohé zaujímavosti zo sveta módy, filmu, umenia ako PRVÉ. Práve tu sú vždy na JEDNOTKU. Práve sem, keď človek príde PRVÝ RAZ, zaručene sa opäť vráti. ChiChi, ten dátum nemôže byť trefnejší! Si naša JEDNOTKA! Ostaň nadaľej tak JEDINEČNÁ, inšpiratívna a citlivá ku krásam naokolo, ktoré aj vďaka Tebe ostávajú zaznamenané. Aha a ešte JEDNA vec: Veľa čitateľov, mnoho skvelých rozhovorov, článkov a energieee!”

Tamara Šimončíková Heribanová

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