Tiffany Pratt: Have a purpose to what you are doing

Tiffany Pratt is a designer with undoubtedly the most colourful personality – both inside and out. Her energy and passion for designing is directly recaptured in all of her projects, never fails to inspire those around her.

She is known for being a host on HGTV Canada’s “Home to Win” as well as “Buy It, Fix It, Sell It”. Among these incredible accomplishments, she has also released a book, and designed a size-inclusive and staple garment “Canvas Collection” with matching moccasins. Tiffany is also the Brand Ambassador for Bernina’s 4 Series sewing machine, and has partnered with brands such as Home Depot and Krylon. I interviewed Tiffany to understand her creative processes, her influences, and her journey to become Canada’s colourful icon.

How did you get into interior design? What were you doing before you got into interior design?

TP: When I was little I wanted to be a fashion designer. I followed the call of fashion for a long time and in my early twenties I landed in NYC. I met a woman on a train to Connecticut and she offered me a job as a personal shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue. This job was my launching pad to a series of creative jobs that formed, inspired and showed me the way to myself. While I was working in multiple creative industries in NY & CT- I was renovating my home in Connecticut. This home was the beginning of my work in interiors and learning how to do things myself. I threw myself into learning aspects of home repair and renovation that needed doing that I could tackle and the rest is history.

What are some of your proudest achievements?

TP: I think my book will always be something that will stand out as something that my heart feels really proud of. It was something that lived in me for a long time and to make it a real thing was incredible. It took a long time. But I did it. However, outside of individual achievements—I am just overall grateful to have the life that I have and to be able to do the things that I love. Living my life as the wild creative that I am feels like the greatest gift of all.

What are some challenges you faced throughout your career? How did you overcome them?

TP: Everyone faces challenges. Mine has been my individual style and point of view. These things were not always something that others could venture to support or get behind. Also, being a woman with coloured hair and wild style while also commanding respect as a business woman—took time. Everything takes time. Once people see that you are not slowing down, stopping, changing or listening to the noise—you are then legit and something that they can respect and want to support. Keep going. Who you are and what you have to give is important. Challenges will always present themselves—its not what happens to you—it is how you handle it that defines you as a person and professional.

What inspired you to write your book, “This Can Be Beautiful”?

TP: I wrote ‘This Can Be Beautiful’ because THIS life really is beautiful. We all overlook what we have and look to stores and external places to find happiness and beauty. I wanted to write something that empowers people to look inside themselves and their drawers to define their style and make beauty everywhere they are no matter how much money or time they have. This book is a mind set and kick starter to creating the life you always wanted. Creating who you are is the greatest masterpiece you can imagine & I wanted to write a fun and playful guide to help people uncover the best of themselves and uncover the parts that needed permission to be wild creatives.

What do you do outside of designing? What are some of your hobbies?

TP: I would say that my inner hobbyist is an eccentric grandma with a side of artistic adventurer. I have done yoga for decades, meditation, paddle boarding, beach walks with my dog Poppy. I love painting, sleeping, treasure hunting, reading books and style magazines from all over the globe. I make and create all the time and truly love alone & chill quiet time with good music playing, my wind chimes blowing and incense burning.

How did you get involved with the hit show, “Home to Win”? Did you always strive to host a home renovation show or is this something that came along the way?

TP: I was asked to audition for a show 7 years ago called BUY IT! FIX IT! SELL IT! A show that eventually ended up on HGTV. I was the only woman on a cast of men that went to auctions and bought items to transform and sell to our clients. That show ran for two years. When that show ended Home to Win started and so my television career continues. I never had television aspirations—televison found me and I followed the call. I have become comfortable with being in front of the camera over the years and now it is just another element of my work and day to day life.

Do you ave a favourite house/ room that you designed throughout the past 3 seasons?

TP: I love different aspects of every space that I have created on the show. They were all assembled with a different needs in mind and all of them have my flavor. However, hand-painting the mural in the kids/baby room this year was one of my favorite touches. It was so colourful and personal and I love bringing aspects like that into my work.

Apart from having bats in the house with loads of ladybugs and poop, are there any other notable experiences you’ve come across during your time as a host on “Home to Win”?

TP: Every day is a notable experience in television. I am always learning something new and trying new things. I get to work with some really incredible professionals both on and off camera and from them I have collected some golden nuggets that have added something to my work.

How long do the renovations usually take?

TP: Renovations are like snowflakes and every space is different. You can always guess when you “think” things will be done—but things happen—plans change—people change their minds so spaces can take longer or can take shorter than you think. When TV is involved things hustle along—but anything can happen!

What are your favourite design trends now?

TP: My favorite design trend is listening to your heart and creating a space and a life that feels like home to you. It does need to look like anything other than your hearts desires.

Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs just starting out?

TP: Find what you love. TRULY. MADLY. FIERCELY. LOVE. And have a purpose to what you are doing. Know that the most important thing is about how you feel doing the work. Being self-employed is not about the flash, the money or the attention. It is about doing great, fulfilling work and doing it with people you love and trust. It is about sharing your service and love with the world in the only way you can. It is a lot. It is a hustle. It takes a lot. It never stops. It feels like falling in love and being dizzy and never ever finding your footing. It takes a while to know your love is not going anywhere and you can feel comfortable calling it yours, but when you do—it is the best feeling in the world.


Photos: Courtesy of Tiffany Pratt

By Agnieszka Frasunkiewicz

Aggie is 21-year-old student studying art history and visual culture. She has a passion for fashion and beauty and loves to inspire those around her.