Linda Nyvltova’s Beauty Secrets

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing a model up close and personal, take my word for it: nearly every single one has flawless skin. And if you’re wearing as much makeup as they do again and again, it makes you wonder how they get made over so many times in a row and still manage to look perfect. From makeup to skin essentials to drinking endless amount of water, one of my favourite models shares her best beauty tips and tricks.

I love hyaluronic acid in any form. My skin is dry and really likes it. I choose products that have it as a main ingredient. I Like Dr. Grandel Hydro Active filler caps. 
In my purse I usually have a hand cream and a lip balm like Nuxe Reve de Miel. I take antioxidant vitamins and omega fatty acids as supplements.

Always always always wash my skin and hydrate after. No matter how tired I am. Gentle gel face wash, serum and cream. All by Dr. Grandel, which I’ve been using for years or french line Resultime, which I discovered on my last trip to Paris. Airline lost my suitcase so I had to buy new everything. But I was very pleased with the discovery!
I get microdermobrassion facial every 6weeks and 1x a week enzymatic peeling + mask at home. I really like Clinicare.

I want to be able to age gracefully like french women do. Take care of yourself inside out, which means make sure you are happy with yourself, your life and that glow will show. I don’t want to freeze my face and not allow myself to have laugh wrinkles.

Drink plenty of water, hot yoga, meditation and good sleep, which as a preventative is much more effective in a long run. I use Organic Coconut for everything. For cooking, smoothies, lips, body.. and it’s the best make up remover!!!! Gentle and effective.

I get a trim every 6 weeks. I use Khiels shampoo & conditioner and a It’s a 10 Leave in smoothing lotion/conditioner. I use Bio Ionic curling iron to style my hair. Which is very gentle and doesn’t damage the hair.

I prefer to focus on skin care and not make up. These days I barely use anything. What I like is to shape my eyebrows using Smashbox Brow Tech To Go pencil + gel. I think it’s important to find what works for you and invest in few quality products rather than buying many cheep things.

How to beat jet leg and arrive at your destination looking fresh? Hydration: Alkaline water, coconut water. Avoiding salt or if you can try not to eat all before and during a long flight. It makes it mush easier for your body to deal with the travel and time difference.

Photo: LA Models, Archive/Linda Nyvltova

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