Binge-worthy: Younger, the Sex and the City of 2016

Let me introduce you to my latest binge-watching obsession, Younger, created by Darren Star, of “Sex and the City”.

It seems that 40 is the new 20, if the latest research is anything to go by. And because I’m much closer to 40 than 26, I guess I should be excited about that fact. Although many women say that they’ve never felt better since turning 40, they do admit that they still feel society’s pressure to remain beautiful and attractive. Don’t we all? Set in New York, this TV show stars Sutton Foster as 40-year-old divorcee and mother of one, Liza, pretending to be 26 in order to get a start in the world of publishing. She lands a job and a sexy young boyfriend (Nico Tortorella), a loyal young work friend (Hilary Duff). Top that off with Liza’s fun and hip lesbian friend Maggie (Debi Mazar) and her cranky fortysomething boss Diana (Miriam Shor), and you’ve got a winner. Btw, Diana Trout is my favourite character.

Younger may not be getting as much buzz as it should so I am here to change it. Three seasons in, and it’s one of the most delightful shows on television right now.

5 Reasons you’ll love watching Younger:

1. A shameless celebration of male beauty – It’s not easy being a hot piece of beautiful man these days. And it certainly doesn’t make things easier when you run around without your t-shirt half of your screen time.

2. Fashion – Leave it to Patricia Field to teach you what, when, how. The Sex and the City costume designer wove her magic over the characters in Younger. Also, prepare yourself for an extensive lecture in layering. And mixing and matching. And in accessorizing!

3. The female friendship – Not since Sex and the City have I enjoyed such a strong bond between female characters in a show. The girls are supportive, strong and always have each other’s backs. It’s one of those female friendships  where women laugh and cry, fight and make-up and drink together.

4. The humour – The show is witty, humorous, lighthearted and at times thought-provoking. The writing is sharp, funny, surprising and true to the characters.

5. New York – The city that never sleeps comes alive for the first time in years and I’m in love. New York is not something you see, it’s something you feel. It’s a state of mind and hence hard to describe.

All in all, I find the show completely charming. And relevant. I like how fresh, amusing, casually, and simple the story and its characters just show us a good time and the ironies of being a woman in today’s world.

Photo: TV Land

By Barbora

Slovakia-born, Toronto-dwelling fashion lover. A fashion consultant, freelance writer, red carpet reporter and the creator behind ChiChi.