Newborn photography: Capturing the beauty of new life

Your family is forever changed when you welcome a new baby into the world and you cannot turn back time and recapture those adorable moments from the first few weeks of life. The newborn days are so precious, yet so fleeting. You forget how baby’s head fit neatly into the palm of your hand and their feet were the size of your little fingers – all these memories are worth capturing and made timeless.

Hiring a professional newborn photographer ensures you will get quality photos of this special moment of life. They have skills, props and backgrounds to set the scene for a memorable picture of your precious one.  Yes, newborn photography can be expensive and yes, smartphones are a wonder of technology but there’s nothing like a professional to give you an image you’ll want on your mantelpiece forever. And now that I’ve done it, I understand the reason why. Taking good pictures is an art and having a professional photographer with a trained eye and the creativity to visualize a beautiful unique photo is worth the extra cost.

The thing is, newborn photography in particular is unlike any other genre – it takes specialist training and knowledge to specialise in this field. When you hand your newborn over to someone you don’t know, you want to feel confident that they have your whole world in their hands, and that they’re going to treat it with the ultimate kindness and care as they soothe, care for, and photograph your precious baby. Safety is especially an issue when doing pictures like this, it takes a special touch and some other photography tricks to accomplish the shot. Handling a baby is no easy task, that is a fact. They can flip and flop and still need the upmost care and gentleness. Professional photographers know the in’s and out’s of proper posing.

“I want my clients to remember the personalities, moments and love that they felt during their session when they look at their photos over and over. Moments fade but memories remain through ones pictures. When it comes to newborns, while I appreciate the traditional proped & posed shots, I prefer to capture newborns in their natural state, with their natural movements.” Rachel Elice

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot with Rachel Elice from Raealice Photography. She’s been a photographer for the past 10 years, with a background in graphic design & art. It was a no brainier after seeing her other baby photo sessions, that she would be the one to do Stella’s first photo shoot. Her photography style is timeless, classic with a touch of fine art. She has started Raelice Photography just over 7 years ago and as a wedding & lifestyle photographer, she photographs love in all shapes and forms. Her sessions are unique in that she uses prompts more than poses. Every shoot is unique in its form. She allows her clients to move naturally and fluidly so that their photos reflect who they are as a person rather than who she wants them to be. Rachel is known for her ability to bring out even the shyest of people, making everyone feel comfortable in front of her camera husband can testify to that! :)) So if you have a baby on the way and you’re on the fence about getting professionally done photos, maybe this article will help you decide.

PS: Here is my most favourite photo from our dreamy photo session… Happy Mother’s Day!

Photos by Raelice Photography

By Barbora

Slovakia-born, Toronto-dwelling fashion lover. A fashion consultant, freelance writer, red carpet reporter and the creator behind ChiChi.