One lucky girl among 12 finalists will be crowned Miss Slovakia 2017 on April 29. The winner will have an opportunity of a lifetime to represent the country at the Miss World.

My dream has always been to work in a field where I can promote female empowerment and confidence in young women. And that’s why I’m glad to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Miss Slovakia organization again. I understand that focusing on physical beauty is not the best, but let’s not forget that these pageants also coach young women how to be poised, elegant and well-spoken. They can make a big difference in a woman’s self-confidence and her ability to present herself in front of large audiences. They promote community service as a quality each contestant should posses and teach women to be active and give back to the community. The experience of participating in beauty pageants will give contestants a perspective about other things in life that they can pursue and push forward. With the confidence and self-esteem that they developed, they will have trust in their abilities to follow their dreams. And I’m ok with that.

With that being said, let me introduce you to this year’s Miss Slovakia contestants:

1. Michaela Cmarková (22), Kanianka
2. Nina Albíniová (21), Lučenec
3. Katarína Kovačicová (24), Likavka
4. Dominika Dávidová (23), Levice
5. Simona Svítková (23), Považská Bystrica
6. Petra Varaliová (19), Bardejov
7. Karin Kovácsová (20), Svätý Peter
8. Hanka Závodná (21), Bratislava
9. Nikoleta Hílková (21), Holíč
10. Gabriela Zemančíková (21), Ružomberok
11. Simona Straková (22), Dolný Vadičov
12. Michaela Šimoničová (23), Bratislava

I wish the ladies the best of luck. Let’s begin the countdown to the crown!


Photo: LSZ Photography

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By Barbora

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