Meet Vanessa+Melissa

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. If you’re a Mom you already know this. As two full-time Moms, we feel you! The everyday of Momlife, be it very rewarding, is also extremely challenging, even on the good days. If you haven’t yet heard of us, Vanessa+Melissa, we’re so glad you found us today! In addition to parenting 5 kids between us, with one on the way, we host a parenting TV Show on Rogers TV, Vanessa+Melissa, plus a YouTube channel, and share it all on social media as, Diapers & Lipgloss. 

Before we started our business, Diapers & Lipgloss Inc. we were two working Moms, Melissa in Corporate Sales and myself, Vanessa, in Media and Advertising Sales, both also moonlighting as TV Correspondents on a local entertainment show. Once we became Moms, everything changed. You know what we’re talking about.  Like most Moms, we became utterly consumed with parenthood, but we still had a desire to continue on with our careers. It was like the universe guided us together, as we were simultaneously pitching a parenting show to the powers that be at Rogers TV. A Producer set us us up on a blind date, literally, and the rest is history. I should mention, we do have husbands, but we’ve honestly become like sisters through this journey. We’ve been working together now for 3 years and love what we’re doing. vLogging, blogging, and Producing our very own parenting show is our passion. We had a vision and we’ve worked our, you know what’s off, to make it happen.


Every week we cover topics we feel are important, relevant and inspiring to the parenting world. We feel absolutely blessed for the success we’ve had and continue to have, as our business and community grows. Understanding how isolating parenting can be, especially in the early days, we want Moms to know that, “You’re not alone” and “You’re not crazy”. This is a tough and glorious gig, and we’re right there with you. 

Melissa and I both grew up with adversity as children, which we really thinks fuels our passion for the work we do. 

We hope you’ll join us here each month, as well as on our social channels, were we promise to keep you informed and entertained on all things parenting, and being a women! We’re still our own people and happiness starts from within, so let’s never forget about ourselves. We know that’s a tough one, but we’ll keep reminding you. 

XO Vanessa+Melissa

By Vanessa+Melissa

Vanessa+Melissa, are the Co-Founders of Diapers & Lipgloss Inc, the online family lifestyle brand. Releasing weekly vLogs, Blogs and social media posts focused around Momlife, parenting, and being women, nothing is off limits. They talk about it all. If they're living it, they share it. In addition to their YouTube Channel Vanesa+Melissa, they also Host a parenting talk show on Rogers TV, airing each week across Canada. You can check these ladies out at the links below!