GET THE LOOK: Marion Cotillard, Cannes 2017

Summer is here! Say goodbye to your long hair and embrace a shorter hairstyle for the new season. Lobs and bobs are short, sophisticated, and surprisingly low maintenance. Hollywood’s elite showcased a variety of these hairstyles at the 70th Cannes Film Festival. Actress Marion Cotillard went for an effortless and carefree take on the lob by pushing it off her face and giving it a slicked back finish. Credit for this look goes to celebrity hairstylist Wendy Iles, who shared her step-by-step instructions and tips on recreating it at home.

1/ I  firstly apply Iles Formula Finishing Serum to mid length and ends in the hair, combing it through for even distribution. This serum is excellent as it makes the hair feel thicker due to a natural silk ingredient  and delivers a luscious texture and holds what ever form you give the hair. I use this serum on every head of hair I touch.

2/ I blow-dry with my Dyson dryer mostly with my hands squeezing and moulding a soft movement into the hair.

3/ When almost dry I  took sections around the front face line areas with a small sized round brush (25mm) blowing it back off of the face. Choose a brush that is ionic which prevents static electricity. The brush is smaller than you think for that smooth volume as i didn’t want the hair too smoothed out or I  would loose the volume on top go Marion’s hair.

4/ I accentuated the wave here and there taking every second section as a vertical section and winding the hair toward the centre back with a round medium sized tong not to make the movement in the bends of the hair too perfect… Keeping the movement organic was key to keep it modern. One with spring clamp is good, especially if doing this at home its easier to manage.

5/ While makeup was being done, I pulled hair back into a tight ponytail to create a more organic effect to hair movement. It also adds a nice dent behind the ears that kept the silhouette of hairstyle modern.

6/ Remove the band after about half an hour and finish the style by apply a little more Iles Formula  Finishing Serum around hair line… I backcombed slightly the top sections and then brushed the hair back into position. Around the back where the band has left an indentation I threaded some invisible pins to prevent the wind picking up the top section. I don’t like to use hairspray, hair has memory and hairspray blocks the memory… plus makes hair crunchy sticky and crackly… we don’t want that… I added more Iles Formula Serum than usual to give a more textured effect, but it’s not greasy texture it’s silky texture, and dries away to lusciousness, delivering luscious supple locks that can be brushed away as if it was never there. It’s phenomenal for styling and I never touch a head of hair without this serum.

Image showing threaded pins and organic movement.

As one of the beauty industry’s most respected hairdressers, Wendy Iles works around the world on the highest level in her field of hairdressing. Chosen for her immense experience, her dedication and passion toward each project, her client and celebrity list is long. Specialties ”all to do with hair”, consulting, public relations, product development and branding. At the pinnacle of her career last May 2015 she launched Iles Formula her luxury, haute performance haircare + repair range. In February of 2016, Wendy received the Hollywood Beauty Awards Oscar for hair. This award delivered by the film industries elite, is an absolute tribute to her professionalism, creativity, dedication and passion toward hair. See more of Iles and her work via her Instagram.

Photo: GETTY, Justin Bishop/Vanity Fair, Wendy Iles

By Barbora

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