Free your feet with these hot summer shoes

Forget about the warm winter boots and uncomfortable sky-high heels. Let your feet breathe again with these comfy and stylish summer shoes.

Slides & Slippers

Classic slides are not just for summer holidays by the pool anymore. This season they’ve got an unexpected fashion boost and transformed into a glam piece. No more ugly rubber slides with three Adidas stripes in standard navy blue. This year, it’s all about sparkles, confidence and fun. The rubber slides have added feathers, stones, bows and interesting soles to take your outfits to the next level, while still keeping you cool and comfortable.
 From left to right: ZARA, Tamaris, MANGO


Mules are just another type of slipper shoes or sandals that are going to take this Summer by storm. Endearingly patterned, colourful, embellished, metallic or embroidered with flowers, mules will take you through the whole season with an easy step. They’re comfy, trendy and elegant enough to take to office as well as a coffee with friends. Plus, you’ll put them on in a second when you’re rushing to work in the morning!

From left to right: ALDO, ZARA, MANGO

Tutti-frutti sandals

Yes, brown leather sandals are perfect for Summer – they go with everything and always look good. But if you’re feeling like something special this year – colourful happy sandals are the right thing for you. Find a pair with embroidery, bright colours or pom-poms and they will make you smile every time you wear them.
 Top left: Humanic, top right: Deichmann, bottom left: ZARA, bottom right: Tamaris


Stylish lightweight shoes and sandals are made for Summer walks. Try to upgrade your usual classics with pieces made from denim, lace, espadrilles with tassels or in metallics. Light materials and soles are the best way to wear a solid shoe without compromising your comfort in hot days. And now you can find them in so many variations that you can wear a pair to every occasion.

Top left to right: ZARA, Deichmann, Humanic; Bottom left to right: Deichmann, ZARA, Tamaris

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By Mirka Germanová

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