5 Fresh Trends to Brighten Up your Spring

There is a lot to look forward to in Spring. Tidying and updating our wardrobe is definitely one of them. If you’re still fighting the winter blues, we’re bringing you some fashion tips to give you an instant energy boost for this season.

Bold Flowers

Ok, I know that flowers are sort of a cliché in Spring. But who cares, really? We all love the first blooming trees and tulips in our gardens and we shouldn’t be ashamed to admit it. Or wear the florals on our clothes. Designers agree – SS 2017 collections of Marni, Victoria Beckham, Dolce & Gabbana or Oscar de la Renta are overflowing with pretty flowers. The bigger a statement, the better.

Photo: Christopher Kane, Aldo, Mohito


Ruffles in dozens of variations have come and gone for some time now. This year they’re coming back in full force. You’ll see them on dresses, blouses, skirts, even on pants or sandals. And however much you’ll try to avoid them, you’ll probably be seduced in the end anyway. Just like us. We completely fell in love with sophisticated ruffled shirts or all-out statement pieces in toned-down striped cotton, romantic embroidery or metallics.

Photo: H&M, Mango, Mohito


Just like ruffles, gingham has quietly been here for a while, but it decided to make a big statement this Spring. Thanks to designers like Christopher Kane we now know that it can be mixed and matched with nearly anything we like – florals, different colors or quirky applications. This season, gingham can be modest and elegant, but also juicy, experimental and fun.

Photo: MANGO, Christopher Kane, Mohito


There is nothing more comfy for Spring walks around town than sneakers. And this year there is also nothing more trendy. Sneakers have long gone from gym-only attire to socially acceptable accessories for nearly any occasion – even for the red carpet in some cases (ehm, Kristen Stewart). Forget about your favorite, but ultimately boring white kicks. Try something bold and original this year – unusual designs, colorful patterns, new shapes.

Photo: Joshua Sanders, Adidas, ALDO

Bright Colors

There is never enough color after the long, cold, grey winter. Beginning of Spring is the perfect opportunity to go all out – combine different brightly-colored pieces or wear one color in different shades in a whole outfit. If you’re not up for a rainbow outfit just yet, brighten your days with a pair of pink or yellow pumps or swap your usual black handbag for a red one. Wait and see how effective the color therapy can be.

Photo: ALDO, Bershka, ALDO

If you find yourself in Bratislava, look for these trends in Central shopping center.

Photo: River Island

By Mirka Germanová

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